Ryan B. Dream Project Update & More!

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The Ryan B. Dream Project receives massive support!

Earlier this year we told you the story about Ryan Bartlett’s battle for his life and how Audio Xperts set up our very own Ryan B. Dream Project to raise money to build his dream car. The word has gotten out, and his hometown city of Vacaville, CA has responded. The local newspaper, The Reporter, wrote a front page article featuring our project! Thank you to all who have supported this far. You are making Ryan’s dream vehicle a reality, and are giving him immense optimism in his time of need!

Ryan is currently undergoing the latest stem cell treatment at Stanford University. He’s been there for a month now and we are hoping for the best. It has been real tough these past few weeks so please keep him in your prayers.

Click here to check out the progress on Ryan’s Dream car HERE

We have over 250 pictures documenting what we’ve built so far! We’re anticipating completion in the next month, so stay tuned for a special event at Audio Xperts for the reveal!

A special Thank You to the contributors!

The support has been received in regards to the Ryan B. Dream Projecthas been incredible. There are not enough words to express the gratitude shown by Ryan and his family, so Audio Xperts would like to thank those individuals that have contributed thus far.Special thanks to:

  • Chris Bennett
  • Levi Terrill
  • Joseph Gutierrez
  • Nathan Shettlesworth
  • Diane Bartlett
  • Angela Rodriguez
  • Courtney Sjoberg
  • Jessica Weaver
  • Jeffery Wyatt
  • Elsa Toledo
  • Christopher Derr
  • Tamara Carousos
  • Frank Padilla
  • Jonathan Jones
  • Auntie Margaret Carvalho
  • Kelvin Changuy/ DIY Forum
  • Kim Weaver
  • Timothy Bugden/DIY
  • Channing Bartlett
  • Karen McElroy
  • Jerome and Jeanette Core
  • John and Janelle Patterson
  • Helen and Jerry Porter
  • Anthony Pallotta
  • Nic Rios
  • Chris F.

We’d also like to thank these vendors who generously donated equipment for this project:

The support continues to roll in, and we are sincerely grateful for the help we’ve received. If you’d like to donate to the Ryan B. Dream Project, click HERE

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Ryan B. Dream Project feat. in The Reporter

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The Reporter (Vacaville, CA)

April 3, 2011

‘Dream’ car focus of fund-raiser for Vacaville native in the fight of his life

Author: Melissa Murphy/ MMurphy@TheReporter.com Section: News

The word may worry some adults but usually isn’t the first thing on the mind of most teenagers.It wasn’t something Ryan Bartlett had on his mind as a teen. Now at age 21 and recently diagnosed with testicular cancer, the Vacaville native wishes it had been. Bartlett said diagnosis came about five months ago, but something wasn’t quite right since he was 18. “I did have a growth, but I didn’t tell anyone,” he said. “Nobody knew about it but me. I’m paying the price now.” Bartlett, a graduate of Vanden High School, was in the middle of playing baseball for Cosumnes River College in Sacramento when he noticed the abnormality. Since then, the cancer has spread to his abdomen, lungs and brain. Bartlett was actually in Alabama last year helping with the gulf oil spill cleanup when he became ill, he came home immediately to start treatments of radiation and chemotherapy. Although the spread of the cancer is unsettling, to say the least, Bartlett is fighting hard. With the support from family and friends, he said, he’s not looking back. “Everyday, I think about the next day,” he said. “It’s my only option. I don’t want to not be around.”

There is also a physical reminder of how much family and friends are pulling for him to get better. A 2011, bright orange, Chevrolet Camaro was given to him by coworkers at the oil spill. “He was very ill and in the hospital,” said Tom Bartlett, Ryan’s father. “But when he found out about the gift, every waking moment is about the car. His fighting demeanor is stronger. It’s been hard for everyone, but he’s tougher than me.” Ryan has big dreams for the Camero including a new audio system, lighting, wheels, security system and graphics. A huge fan of the San Francisco Giants, Ryan wants to see black stripes added to the orange car. The additions to the car will become a reality with the help of Vince Miranda owner of Audio-Xperts in Vacaville who has set up the Ryan B. Dream Project where people can donate for the cause. Miranda has a goal to raise $20,000. “He’s a tough young man, he’s my hero,” Miranda said. “He’s such a great kid. He’s a fighter and has a spirit to overcome this disease. You wouldn’t think that he’s going through something like this.”

Ryan isn’t able to drive the car yet since he’s still dealing with some of the side effects from the treatments, including numb feet, but he’s had fun being the passenger. “It’s a little rocket,” he said. “It’s fun.” Ryan added that the support from family, his girlfriend and friends has been great. “The support has been incredible, it’s very motivating,” he said. “It’s a good feeling that helps me stay motivated.” And he has advice for others. “Go see your doctor, no matter what it is,” he said. “You don’t want something to creep up on you. This is not something you want to do when you’re 21 years old.” Donations to the Ryan B. Dream Project can be made online at the Audio-Xperts online store at www.shopaudioxperts.com. Information is online at www.audio-xperts.com.

(c) 2011 The Reporter. All rights reserved. Reproduced with the permission of Media NewsGroup, Inc. by NewsBank, Inc.
Record Number: 17763256

March 2011 Newsletter

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MECA Results – Autorama February 12, 2011

Here are the results on how Team Audio Xperts did at the MECA competition at the Autorama in Sacramento, CA.

SPL Results

Scott Welch

  • Phat 10 award
  • 1st Place Modified 2 class
  • 1st Place Park & Pound DB 2

Vince Miranda

  • 2nd Place Modified 3 class
  • 2nd Place Park & Pound DB 3

SQL Results

Scott Welch

  • 2nd Place Modex Class

Vince Miranda

  • 2nd Place Master Class
  • 1st Place Extreme Install
  • 3rd Place RTA Freak Out

Thanks again to our guys for putting in the time and effort to compete in the MECA circuit. Keep up the great work!

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The Ryan B. Dream Project

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The Ryan B. Dream Project

It is with a heavy heart that I write to you today. One of Audio Xperts long term clients, Ryan Bartlett and his family need my help so I am asking for yours. As you will read below in the letter I asked his dad write, last year he was diagnosed with cancer and is currently undergoing an aggressive treatment including chemo and radiation. Ryan is a fighter and is very determined to beat this sickness. He is not only a gifted athlete, but a scholar and community servant. In an effort to keep his morale up, his family and friends have rallied together to buy him a 2011 Camaro and the first thing out of his mouth when he was told about it was “I’m going to see Vince and put together a bad ass system” Even though he was in the hospital at the time and in really no condition to travel. His father called me and asked if I could come visit him, and talk to him about his system. It was all he wanted to talk about in his hospital bed. So I went and spent about an hour with him. He told me all the things he wanted to do to his new car and it was adding up fast. His dad even had to tell him to slow down, because his budget wasn’t as big as his dreams. I knew right then and there that I had to do everything in my power to help this young man and his family. After being released from the hospital between treatments he came to my store last week to further discuss his system. I am so amazed by this young man’s will to live and fight this terrible disease and I want to do everything I can to make his dream come true. I am asking for any help you can give to Ryan and his dream. I just went live today on a “Ryan B. Dream Project” fund on my website to help family, friends, and anyone else who wants to, donate money to help Ryan.

I know times are tough for everyone but Ryan has really touched our community and we would all appreciate any help you can give.

Please forward this email and share the link below with anyone you know who can help us:


Thank you all for supporting Audio Xperts and helping us out to make Ryan’s dream car a reality.

God Bless you all,


A very special thank you goes out to Scott Buwalda of Hybrid Audio Technologies, http://www.hybrid-audio.com/. Just this morning he donated a complete set of his top of the line Legatia 6.5″ 3-way component speakers for the build! Way to go brother…god bless

Ryan’s Bio:

My name is Ryan Bartlett.  I’m 21 years old. I grew up in Vacaville, California. I attended Vanden High School and excelled as a student athlete. I graduated with Honors and a 3.9 GPA. I volunteered throughout school with the traveling team I played baseball on. We did fundraising for those in need, served food to the elderly and helped coach Little League. I played Baseball from the time I was 8 years old. I played throughout school and was a High School Pitcher and Outfielder. I was recruited by many Colleges to play Baseball. I selected Consumnes River College in Elk Grove California. I was a freshmen starter at the position of Pitcher.

While working on the Gulf of Mexico BP Oil Spill disaster, I fell ill and was diagnosed with Stage 3 Testicular Cancer (Oct 2, 2010). I believe I had it for about 3 years. I never said anything because it never bothered me and did not cause me any real problems. I guess I thought I was young and nothing could happen to me. I was wrong. I have multiple tumors in my Brain, Lungs, and Abdomen. I’ve been fighting this terrible silent disease for 5 months now. My first line chemo had some success, but failed in other ways. I am going through second line chemo now. This included 3 weeks of whole brain radiation. I had a brain seizure that placed me in ICU in critical condition for 11 of the 15 days I was hospitalized. My goal is to continue my chemo treatments and receive very complicated Stem Cell replacement transplants at Stanford University Medical Center within the next month to two months. I plan to beat the odds and will become a success story. My mind is strong and I am a tough competitor. I am very motivated to beat this disease.

Ryan Bartlett

Team Audio Xperts Reaches Top Spot in USA!

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Yeah buddy!
June was a busy month for Team Audio Xperts with 2 competitions on the calender. As you know from our newsletter in early June, the Visalia show was the first triple point event and there was tough competition from So Cal in attendance. We came away with a ton of hardware at that one, and next stop was Modesto, Ca. for the annual American Graffiti Car Show and Festival. If you remember, this was the first show Scott, Paco and I attended with Dennis last year to scope out the competition scene. We didn’t know what to expect, since we had been out of the competition scene for 16 years. We were very impressed with the quality of systems and installations and where inspired to build a couple of cars and jump back into the mix! Time goes by so quickly, it’s hard to imagine it’s already been one year.
This time around we showed up ready to compete and we had tough competition. Fred from Arc Audio was competing in the Master class with his Saturn, which dominated the circuit last year and actually took top honors at last years event. In the Modex class, Scott was up up against the Dodge Ram truck that has outpointed him twice this year in Fresno and in Visalia, so the competition was fierce. In the end Scott scored an 83.3 which was 8.3 points ahead of the Dodge truck, and good enough for a first place win in the Modex class and SQ Best of Show honors as well! Great job Scott! He was up pretty late the night before tuning his ride and I have to say it paid off big!
The Scion was up against Fred as well as the show promoter Aubrey who, with his Chrysler 300, also had major success on last years circuit. At the end of the day the Scion came away with first place in the Master class by only a few points, it was close! We also took a first place in the two seat category in our first attempt in that class, as well as first place in Extreme install…a few more trophies to add to this years collection.

I am very proud of my team, both Paco and Scott possess major skills and together we have been able to build 2 cars that are currently in the number one spot in their respective classes in MECA, the organization in which we compete in. It’s amazing to me that we were able to do so much in just one year, and I want to take this time to give my thanks to everyone who has helped us out over the year!

Emilios at Dynaudio, Scott B. at Hybrid Audio, Fred at Arc Audio, John at Stinger, and Randy at Super Soundproofing has also helped out tremendously with his line of soundproofing products.
Thanks guys for all your support!

Look out for new upgrades coming soon! I know, we must be crazy to make any changes to our cars when they are doing so well, but we are never satisfied! As good as the Scion is, there are places to improve, so if we are trying to be the best, we must continue to improve.

Also, below we have one of the preview pics from a photo shoot done in Modesto in June. Fred from Arc Audio, also an accomplished photographer, invited me to bring the Scion to a professional studio designed specifically for shooting cars. They were shooting all day for a magazine spot that will showcase their demo cars, so we may see the Scion featured in a spot this year…I’ll be sure to keep you all posted!

God Bless!

JBL MS8 Processor Finally Arrives!

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JBL MS8 Digital Sound Processor

Equalizer for Great Sound from Any Car Audio System

Yes, it’s finally here! After a three year wait, JBL has finally launched the MS8 digital sound processor!
We had a chance to audition the MS8 first hand earlier this month when they arrived and It did not dissapoint! We installed one in the Scion xa competition car and it was able to get us to around 90% of where we are with the tuning of the system. To let you know how much of an accomplishment that is, we have close to 60 hours of tuning time on our Scion and in 15 minutes we were 90% there.
We have also seen some of our competitors on the circuit using this processor and grabbing the highest scores to date!
This is truly great news for all of our clients who share in our passion for music and cars! We can now offer competition level performance for a fraction of the cost. And, since the MS8 has an internal 8 channel amplifier you can start with as little as the MS8 processor, subwoofer, and subwoofer amp!
How cool is that!
We have them in stock now, so call for an appointment and you can be enjoying your music in your ride the way the recording engineer intended!

Thanks again for your support!
Stay tuned for my competition update email with some outstanding news for Team Audio Xperts!


JBL MS8 Digital Sound Processor

The right answer to the question “What can I do to improve the sound of my car audio system?” used to depend on the quality and configuration of your system’s particular components. Today’s answer is, “Just get a JBL® MS-8 System Integration Digital Processor.” The MS-8 is a new kind of car audio component, an automatic equalizer that can optimize any vehicle’s performance in about ten minutes flat. Just follow the step-by-step setup procedure and the MS-8 maximizes frequency response, bass performance, dynamics, clarity, detail and stereo imaging — every important parameter of sonic greatness — from virtually any combination of factory-installed and/or aftermarket components. And after it works its magic? You’ll be left with a 31-band graphic equalizer and a full set of preamp controls to fine-tune day-to-day operations.

JBL MS8 Digital Sound Processor

DSP Equalization
Improves tonal accuracy by automatically compensating for the sonic characteristics of the speakers, electronics and vehicle interior

DSP Time Correction
Automatically ensures that the sound from all speakers arrives at the listener’s ears simultaneously, in up to four individual seating positions, dramatically improving clarity and imaging

Sophisticated Crossover Functions
Precise, user selectable crossover points and crossover slopes for up to eight separate outputs

Logic 7® Surround Processing
Creates a realistic 5.1- or 7.1-channel surround experience from 2-channel source material

JBL MS8 Digital Sound Processor

Superior Performance from Any System
Improves every measure of audio performance (frequency response, bass performance, dynamics, clarity, detail and stereo imaging) from any combination of OEM and aftermarket components

Easy, Step-by-Step Setup
Simple menu-driven calibration based on detailed input from binaural headset microphone

Optimizes Up To Eight Input Channels
Produces a flat-response, full-bandwidth signal from up to eight input channels

Team Audio Xperts Hits Sacramento!

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Team Audio Xperts adds new members for Sacramento show
I would like to personally welcome Noel and Tammy to Team Audio Xperts! We have been working on this project since last year and we finished just in time for Sacramento’s first MECA event at Paradyme Car Audio on Saturday May 15th! Noel and Tammy have a 2004 Chevy Suburban featuring an Eclipse DVD/Navigation head unit, with Zapco amplifiers and Hybrid Audio Legatia 6.5″ 3 way components up front, and a pair of Audio Xperts 12″  AJ subwoofers!
A great big congratulations goes out to Noel and Tammy for scoring 80 points and a 2nd place win in the Modified class in their very first competition! This is a huge accomplishment! It is very competitive out there and to come away with an 80 point score is truly amazing! Most first time competitors are happy with a score in the low to mid 70’s, so to come away with an 80 the first time out is awesome! I believe with a little more time for speaker break-in and a couple of more competitions and tuning sessions we can improve on an already great score!

The rest of the team results are as follows:
Scott scored an 89.25 for a second place finish in the Modex class. We had 2 competitors from So Cal in the Modex class make the trip to Sacramento. 1st place winner Gary with his amazing Mercedes grabbed a 94 for the first place win and best of show SQ overall. Gary’s been fine tuning his car for over a year and all of his hard work is finally paying off.
Jim Becker aka Big Red, also made the trip from down south. Jim was the West Coast Champion last year and the one to beat this year. He scored an 89 just .25 points behind Scott, so we can see it’s going to be a battle between all three of those guys for the rest of the year! Fun Times!
The Scion scored an even 89 to take first place in the Master class and remains undefeated in it’s class. We were up all night and morning once again making speaker upgrades and getting ready for the show….man I am getting to old for this staying up all night business! But it’s still fun and I love it!

Our next event is a Triple Point event in Visalia, Ca. on June 5th. This means our cars will be judged by three individual judges and the scores averaged. This will be a tough competition and we are expecting more cars in attendance than we have seen all year!
Can’t wait!
Look out for the results on the next update…until then
God bless and take care!

Team Audio Xperts Dominates Fresno and Hayward Events!

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First place and Best of Show again!
pril 10th marked the third MECA event in Northern California and Team Audio Xperts was ready once again. This was the first event in Fresno and we saw new competititors in our classes. Scott’s Charger placed second in the Modex Class and our Scion placed first in the Master Class as well as Zapco Best of Show and SQL best of show with a score of 89 points. This score also places the Scion in the number five spot in the country for highest score. It was a long drive down to Fresno but was well worth the effort! Check out our pics from the event here:

Just last Saturday,May 1st marked our first event in Hayward California. Team Audio Xperts rolled west to Hayward to compete with the Scion, Scott’s Charger, and Mike’s Acura TL which we had just finished making upgrades to  the night before. Mike has been placing in second and third place in his class all year and really wanted first place this time around. In fact he demanded a first place win! No pressure for us! After working on his car for 3 weeks making the necessary adjustments to speaker placement and tuning, the moment of truth was upon us. To Mike’s surprise he was awarded 84.3 points which yielded him first place in his class, the PHAT Car award which is a judges choice award, and a most improved score award as well. He had scored a 54.5 at his last event. That score also places Mike in the number 10 spot in the country for highest score! A great big congratulations goes out to Mike!
Our Scion scored a first place in the Master class again as well as first place in the expert class for installation and for the first time ever we competed in SPL and took a first place in the modified 4 class with an SPL of 136.6!
We continue to be undefeated in California  with the Scion and we have another round of ungrades to complete before the next competiton.
Scott’s Charger was the star of the show this time around, scoring a 86.8 which earned him first plce in the Modex class as well as Best of Show honors with the highest score of the event! Looks like the changes we made from the Fresno show paid off and the Charger is sounding sweet!

So with this last event Team Audio Xperts has 3 cars in the top ten in the country for highest score! An awesome accomplishment for my team and a big congratulations to Scott and Paco for that one! Both of you worked very hard on all of the cars and your efforts have been acknowledged! Check out the graphic below for the top ten SQL standings off the MECA website!

I am very proud of my team for working hard these last few weeks getting prepared for the shows and also taking care of our other clients who needed their cars done also! It’s a tough thing to juggle sometimes to take care of everyone when they want and I really appreciate everyone’s patience! So a great big Thank You to Paco, Scott and especially my family who has been so understanding!

Until next time, take care all!


· Rank · Competitor · Class · State · Score
1 · Mark Eldridge · MSTR · OK · 96.00
2 · Steve McIntyre · MOD · TN · 94.50
3 · David Edwards · MSTR · VA · 90.00
4 · Scott Welch · MODX · CA · 89.25
5 · Vince Miranda · MSTR · CA · 89.00
6 · Thomas Shaw · MSTR · VA · 87.00
7 · Kirk Proffitt XTR · AL · 86.50
8 · Jeff Kidwell · MOD · FL · 86.00
9 · Jim Bishop. STR · CA · 85.75
10 · Mike Little MS · CA · 84.2

Audio Xperts Welcomes Arc Audio and Along with Dynaudio present our first ever Sound Quality Summit

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Arc Audio and Dynaudio Present:

A Sound Quality Summit

First of all, please join me in welcoming Arc Audio to the Audio Xperts family! Since their inception in 1998 Arc Audio has been designing and manufacturing the finest mobile amplifiers in the world. Speakers, processors, and motorcycle audio are also offered and share the same attention to detail in design and manufacturing. They are a family oriented company headquartered in Modesto, Ca., dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer service not only the end user of their products, but their authorized dealers as well. This philosophy is a perfect fit here at Audio Xperts.

Arc Audio is also a major supporter of MECA car audio competitions which most of you already know, is the organization Team Audio Xperts competes in.

Secondly, I want to thank Emilios at Dynaudio for his support and encouragement. It was Emilos, who a year ago called me and encouraged me to take a chance and have an event at the store to educate our clients as to what sound quality is all about. Dynaudio builds the finest loudspeakers in the world and their committment to quality manufacturing and uncompromising standards is shared by us at Audio Xperts and is why we are proud to represent their products.

This leads into the third part of my announcement.
Audio Xperts is proud to announce we will be hosting the first ever Sound Quality Summit Saturday April 17, 2010 at 3:00 pm and I would like to personally extend an invitation to all of our clients, competition team members, fellow competitors, DIY forum members, and anyone else who would like to attend.

What is a Sound Quality Summit you ask? Well that’s a great question! The SQ summit will be an afternoon/evening filled with guest speakers, system demonstrations both in car and in store. We will have on hand Scott Baughman manufacture rep from RPM marketing and Fred Lynch Competition Team Coordinator from Arc Audio. The topic of the evening will be: How to achieve the best sound quality in a vehicle. Some of the best sound quality vehicles in the country will be on display.

Emilios at Dynaudio has also donated a complete home reference speaker system which will be on display for your listening enjoyment and reference.

I encourage everyone to come out and participate and learn about what we here at Audio Xperts are very passionate about…Music and Cars
Food and refreshments will be served and fun will be had by all!

Special pricing on select products will be available for one night only during this special event!

Please RSVP by April 15th!

Audio Xperts
807 Davis St.
Vacaville, CA 95687
(707) 453-0488

Video from MECA show at Autorama 2010 are up!

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Hey everyone! Here’s some of the footage of the awards ceremony for the MECA show that Team Audio Xperts participated in just last February!