New e-store coupon and chance to win $100!

New e-store coupon available!

Want an additional 10% off our Bass Packages? All you have to do is enter code “PKG1211” in the coupon code field in the online shopping cart and you get an ADDITIONAL 10% off the SALE price!

Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit our online store –
  2. Select your Bass Package item
  3. Enter PKG1211 in the coupon code field in our online shopping cart
  4. Receive an ADDITIONAL 10% off the SALE price!

Don’t miss out, for this deal expires December 31, 2011 & quantities are limited! Have a Happy Holidays!

A chance to win a $100 in-store credit!

We value our customers and appreciate the feedback they give on their shopping experience at Audio Xperts. To help us get a better understanding of how we’re doing, we’re asking our customers to write us a review on our Yelp page.For the month of December, submitting a yelp review will get you entered in a drawing to win a $100 in-store credit on us!Just follow these steps:1. Write us a review on our YELP PAGE
2. Email your Yelp username to info@audio-xperts (so we know who to contact)
3. Look out January 1st for the results!

Good luck!

Audio Xperts’ “Item of the Month”

A new section we will be adding to our online newsletters is our featured item of the month. For December, we picked:

Arc Audio XDi 805 720 watt 5 channel amp.
This little guy delivers impressive sound quality and power output in a very small footprint.
Additional specs:

– Hybrid Class D output design with discrete Subwoofer output channels (3 & 5 channel designs)

– Hi Frequency switching power supply allows for greater separation from audible listening frequencies increasing sound quality and lowering THD.

– Input inductor power supply isolation protects from unwanted interference with AM/FM reception.

– Ultra Low ESR high capacity power supply storage bank covers potential fluctuations in power demand, increasing efficiency and sound quality of this chip based design.

– Phillips Technology chip based Class D technology powers all multi channel XDi amplifiers. Producing little to no heat XDi amps are extremely flexiable in most any sound focused application.

– Embedded protection circuits including- Thermal, Current Limit, RollBack DC Offset, Reverse Polarity, and Overvoltage

Power Output @ 4 ohms- 4 x 80 Watts + 1 x 400 Watts

Bass Boost- 15dB@45Hz

Crossover(Butterworth)- HP (50Hz – 250Hz)

LP (50Hz – 250Hz)

Remote Bass Boost- Yes

Fuse- 3 x 30 Amp

Size- 11.25″(L) X 6.5″(W) X 2.25″(H)

New JVC radios with Android control!

JVC just announced the upcoming release of its first CD-less radio decks, allowing for control with Google’s Android phones! Said to be released January 2012, these will be the first of its kind with a hard to beat price of $139.

JVC Mobile Gets Android and Gesture Control

“JVC Mobile Entertainment is aggressively pushing Android control for 2012.  The feature can be found on a pair of CD-less decks that ship next month at super low price points and other new car radios.

The CD-less models are JVC’s first, and they will be joined by a third model to be unveiled at CES in January.

JVC Mobile KD-X40

The leader deck, KD-X40, will carry a $109.95 price, which JVC calls one of the most aggressive prices for the CD-less category.  If you connect an Android phone to the USB port of the KD-X40, you can control the music with the track up/down, play and pause buttons on the deck and you see the songs tags on the radio display.  The deck also controls iPod and iPhone functions (including Pandora) and the deck is Bluetooth ready.

A step up model adds built-in Bluetooth which now lets you control Pandora streamed from an Android or BlackBerry smartphones.  Plus there’s a new “gesture remote” feature.  If you swipe the phone screen left or right you change track up/down.  Trace a “V” or upside down “V” on the screen to change the source mode or the eq settings.  JVC believes the feature is a first for the aftermarket at this point.  The CD-less (mechless)  radio, model KD-X50BT, will carry a $139 price tag. You still get full iPod and iPhone control as well.

Said JVC’s Jacob Hardin, “We felt a need to bring down the price of Bluetooth in the lineup…to get it into the entry level.  The [mechless] radio was a good way to do that.”

Some CD/radios for 2012 are also shipping this month and will also work with Android.  A KD-R530 has the new USB Android control, and iPhone/iPod control with Pandora.   It will be joined by two additional  CD/radios  with Android control that ship this month: the KD-R730 and the KD-A735BT.

Also this month is  a KD-A535 Arsenal version that adds 3 pre-outs, a remote and 2-year warranty.   There’s also a KD-R330 entry level CD with aux-in, detachable face and wireless remote (but no USB and no iPhone/iPod control).

Pricing will be announced shortly.

Also new is a KW-AV50 AV/radio that works with the MotionX-GPS app for navigation. The app displays on the 6.1 inch WVGA screen.  You also get USB iPod and iPhone control, 3 line outputs and a detachable screen plus optional Bluetooth.

Source: JVC Mobile”

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