Ryan B. Dream Project Update & More!

The Ryan B. Dream Project receives massive support!

Earlier this year we told you the story about Ryan Bartlett’s battle for his life and how Audio Xperts set up our very own Ryan B. Dream Project to raise money to build his dream car. The word has gotten out, and his hometown city of Vacaville, CA has responded. The local newspaper, The Reporter, wrote a front page article featuring our project! Thank you to all who have supported this far. You are making Ryan’s dream vehicle a reality, and are giving him immense optimism in his time of need!

Ryan is currently undergoing the latest stem cell treatment at Stanford University. He’s been there for a month now and we are hoping for the best. It has been real tough these past few weeks so please keep him in your prayers.

Click here to check out the progress on Ryan’s Dream car HERE

We have over 250 pictures documenting what we’ve built so far! We’re anticipating completion in the next month, so stay tuned for a special event at Audio Xperts for the reveal!

A special Thank You to the contributors!

The support has been received in regards to the Ryan B. Dream Projecthas been incredible. There are not enough words to express the gratitude shown by Ryan and his family, so Audio Xperts would like to thank those individuals that have contributed thus far.Special thanks to:

  • Chris Bennett
  • Levi Terrill
  • Joseph Gutierrez
  • Nathan Shettlesworth
  • Diane Bartlett
  • Angela Rodriguez
  • Courtney Sjoberg
  • Jessica Weaver
  • Jeffery Wyatt
  • Elsa Toledo
  • Christopher Derr
  • Tamara Carousos
  • Frank Padilla
  • Jonathan Jones
  • Auntie Margaret Carvalho
  • Kelvin Changuy/ DIY Forum
  • Kim Weaver
  • Timothy Bugden/DIY
  • Channing Bartlett
  • Karen McElroy
  • Jerome and Jeanette Core
  • John and Janelle Patterson
  • Helen and Jerry Porter
  • Anthony Pallotta
  • Nic Rios
  • Chris F.

We’d also like to thank these vendors who generously donated equipment for this project:

The support continues to roll in, and we are sincerely grateful for the help we’ve received. If you’d like to donate to the Ryan B. Dream Project, click HERE

We’re now open 24/7 at our online store!

Now you can satisfy your mobile audio needs at Audio Xperts’ online store. It’s always open, so check it out and get the system you’ve always wanted!

To visit Audio Xperts’ online store click HERE

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