March 2011 Newsletter

First and Foremost!

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Audio Xperts teams up with In Car Experts!

A new alliance has formed between Audio Xperts and In Car Experts. We are now a part of In Car Experts’ nationwide network, with an exclusive page that contains all things Audio Xperts! This is just another way to get in touch with us, and we’re excited to be part of this!

Visit our In Car Experts’ page HERE!

Find Audio Xperts on Yelp!

For the yelp users out there, you can also find Audio Xperts on the Yelp website! Be sure to check us out and write a review about your customer experience at our shop!

Audio Xperts on Google Places!

You can also find us on Google Places as well! Please take a few seconds and write a review on your experience shopping at Audio Xperts. Any feedback is appreciated!

Visit us on Google Places HERE

MECA Results – Autorama February 12, 2011

Here are the results on how Team Audio Xperts did at the MECA competition at the Autorama in Sacramento, CA.

SPL Results

Scott Welch

  • Phat 10 award
  • 1st Place Modified 2 class
  • 1st Place Park & Pound DB 2

Vince Miranda

  • 2nd Place Modified 3 class
  • 2nd Place Park & Pound DB 3

SQL Results

Scott Welch

  • 2nd Place Modex Class

Vince Miranda

  • 2nd Place Master Class
  • 1st Place Extreme Install
  • 3rd Place RTA Freak Out

Thanks again to our guys for putting in the time and effort to compete in the MECA circuit. Keep up the great work!

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