Team Audio Xperts Hits Sacramento!

Team Audio Xperts adds new members for Sacramento show
I would like to personally welcome Noel and Tammy to Team Audio Xperts! We have been working on this project since last year and we finished just in time for Sacramento’s first MECA event at Paradyme Car Audio on Saturday May 15th! Noel and Tammy have a 2004 Chevy Suburban featuring an Eclipse DVD/Navigation head unit, with Zapco amplifiers and Hybrid Audio Legatia 6.5″ 3 way components up front, and a pair of Audio Xperts 12″  AJ subwoofers!
A great big congratulations goes out to Noel and Tammy for scoring 80 points and a 2nd place win in the Modified class in their very first competition! This is a huge accomplishment! It is very competitive out there and to come away with an 80 point score is truly amazing! Most first time competitors are happy with a score in the low to mid 70’s, so to come away with an 80 the first time out is awesome! I believe with a little more time for speaker break-in and a couple of more competitions and tuning sessions we can improve on an already great score!

The rest of the team results are as follows:
Scott scored an 89.25 for a second place finish in the Modex class. We had 2 competitors from So Cal in the Modex class make the trip to Sacramento. 1st place winner Gary with his amazing Mercedes grabbed a 94 for the first place win and best of show SQ overall. Gary’s been fine tuning his car for over a year and all of his hard work is finally paying off.
Jim Becker aka Big Red, also made the trip from down south. Jim was the West Coast Champion last year and the one to beat this year. He scored an 89 just .25 points behind Scott, so we can see it’s going to be a battle between all three of those guys for the rest of the year! Fun Times!
The Scion scored an even 89 to take first place in the Master class and remains undefeated in it’s class. We were up all night and morning once again making speaker upgrades and getting ready for the show….man I am getting to old for this staying up all night business! But it’s still fun and I love it!

Our next event is a Triple Point event in Visalia, Ca. on June 5th. This means our cars will be judged by three individual judges and the scores averaged. This will be a tough competition and we are expecting more cars in attendance than we have seen all year!
Can’t wait!
Look out for the results on the next update…until then
God bless and take care!

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