Team Audio Xperts Dominates Fresno and Hayward Events!

First place and Best of Show again!
pril 10th marked the third MECA event in Northern California and Team Audio Xperts was ready once again. This was the first event in Fresno and we saw new competititors in our classes. Scott’s Charger placed second in the Modex Class and our Scion placed first in the Master Class as well as Zapco Best of Show and SQL best of show with a score of 89 points. This score also places the Scion in the number five spot in the country for highest score. It was a long drive down to Fresno but was well worth the effort! Check out our pics from the event here:

Just last Saturday,May 1st marked our first event in Hayward California. Team Audio Xperts rolled west to Hayward to compete with the Scion, Scott’s Charger, and Mike’s Acura TL which we had just finished making upgrades to  the night before. Mike has been placing in second and third place in his class all year and really wanted first place this time around. In fact he demanded a first place win! No pressure for us! After working on his car for 3 weeks making the necessary adjustments to speaker placement and tuning, the moment of truth was upon us. To Mike’s surprise he was awarded 84.3 points which yielded him first place in his class, the PHAT Car award which is a judges choice award, and a most improved score award as well. He had scored a 54.5 at his last event. That score also places Mike in the number 10 spot in the country for highest score! A great big congratulations goes out to Mike!
Our Scion scored a first place in the Master class again as well as first place in the expert class for installation and for the first time ever we competed in SPL and took a first place in the modified 4 class with an SPL of 136.6!
We continue to be undefeated in California  with the Scion and we have another round of ungrades to complete before the next competiton.
Scott’s Charger was the star of the show this time around, scoring a 86.8 which earned him first plce in the Modex class as well as Best of Show honors with the highest score of the event! Looks like the changes we made from the Fresno show paid off and the Charger is sounding sweet!

So with this last event Team Audio Xperts has 3 cars in the top ten in the country for highest score! An awesome accomplishment for my team and a big congratulations to Scott and Paco for that one! Both of you worked very hard on all of the cars and your efforts have been acknowledged! Check out the graphic below for the top ten SQL standings off the MECA website!

I am very proud of my team for working hard these last few weeks getting prepared for the shows and also taking care of our other clients who needed their cars done also! It’s a tough thing to juggle sometimes to take care of everyone when they want and I really appreciate everyone’s patience! So a great big Thank You to Paco, Scott and especially my family who has been so understanding!

Until next time, take care all!


· Rank · Competitor · Class · State · Score
1 · Mark Eldridge · MSTR · OK · 96.00
2 · Steve McIntyre · MOD · TN · 94.50
3 · David Edwards · MSTR · VA · 90.00
4 · Scott Welch · MODX · CA · 89.25
5 · Vince Miranda · MSTR · CA · 89.00
6 · Thomas Shaw · MSTR · VA · 87.00
7 · Kirk Proffitt XTR · AL · 86.50
8 · Jeff Kidwell · MOD · FL · 86.00
9 · Jim Bishop. STR · CA · 85.75
10 · Mike Little MS · CA · 84.2

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