Audio Xperts Welcomes Arc Audio and Along with Dynaudio present our first ever Sound Quality Summit

Arc Audio and Dynaudio Present:

A Sound Quality Summit

First of all, please join me in welcoming Arc Audio to the Audio Xperts family! Since their inception in 1998 Arc Audio has been designing and manufacturing the finest mobile amplifiers in the world. Speakers, processors, and motorcycle audio are also offered and share the same attention to detail in design and manufacturing. They are a family oriented company headquartered in Modesto, Ca., dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer service not only the end user of their products, but their authorized dealers as well. This philosophy is a perfect fit here at Audio Xperts.

Arc Audio is also a major supporter of MECA car audio competitions which most of you already know, is the organization Team Audio Xperts competes in.

Secondly, I want to thank Emilios at Dynaudio for his support and encouragement. It was Emilos, who a year ago called me and encouraged me to take a chance and have an event at the store to educate our clients as to what sound quality is all about. Dynaudio builds the finest loudspeakers in the world and their committment to quality manufacturing and uncompromising standards is shared by us at Audio Xperts and is why we are proud to represent their products.

This leads into the third part of my announcement.
Audio Xperts is proud to announce we will be hosting the first ever Sound Quality Summit Saturday April 17, 2010 at 3:00 pm and I would like to personally extend an invitation to all of our clients, competition team members, fellow competitors, DIY forum members, and anyone else who would like to attend.

What is a Sound Quality Summit you ask? Well that’s a great question! The SQ summit will be an afternoon/evening filled with guest speakers, system demonstrations both in car and in store. We will have on hand Scott Baughman manufacture rep from RPM marketing and Fred Lynch Competition Team Coordinator from Arc Audio. The topic of the evening will be: How to achieve the best sound quality in a vehicle. Some of the best sound quality vehicles in the country will be on display.

Emilios at Dynaudio has also donated a complete home reference speaker system which will be on display for your listening enjoyment and reference.

I encourage everyone to come out and participate and learn about what we here at Audio Xperts are very passionate about…Music and Cars
Food and refreshments will be served and fun will be had by all!

Special pricing on select products will be available for one night only during this special event!

Please RSVP by April 15th!

Audio Xperts
807 Davis St.
Vacaville, CA 95687
(707) 453-0488

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